Sunday, November 18, 2012

Frozen Ocean - And Hoarfrost Blooms Henceforth

                                Cold, Depressing & pain exhuming : 80%

Well, Frozen ocean are quite perceivably underrated in the Depressive genre and this is not suprising as they are highly Avante garde material and their one track full length albums and EP's are a testimony to that.
They are poorly publicised as well considering the fact  they dont have an online presence and networking.

Coming back to "And Hoarfrost Blooms Henceforth"  - This album always keeps you on the edge if u leave out the initial melody which by the way is outstanding.  Its starts off in a lone tone which instantly renders you isolated in the middle of nowhere.
But in a few seconds its transports into a fast paced mid-riff classic black metal bass and drums.
The next 20 mins will leave you no space to breathe and although being monotonous at times still manages to impress.
The vocals are precise and suits the mood and ambience of the song.
The constant riffs and percussion (Water cup effect)   gave a feeling of constant pain & depression but gets annoying after a few minutes as it lacks diversity for a 22 min track.

I give this 8/10 as it is not a perfect album but a definitive one and should be given a chance.

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  1. Thanks for review, man.

    However I have online presence - here is the official site:

    Vaarwel (FO)