Friday, August 15, 2014

Harakiri for the Sky - Aokigahara

Destroy! Only death is real

This album has been out for a few months now and i have been listening to it every single day since.

Being a huge fan of the Seppuku band since their inception, this being their sophomore offering, i was looking forward to it.

Having listened to bands like 'Austere' & 'Argypnie' (yes, have picked them specifically), you will realize the perfect blend of both in this album.

Like its being said by all experts, Black & Post Black are meant to be together and this album just warrants it.

Needless to say, the first song on the album "My Bones to the Sea" is monumental.

It’s sad, depressing & suicidal yet extremely soothing to the senses.

It just locks all your memories in a box and drowns them somewhere deep in the sea.

The tempo on this song is somewhat distributed between slow discomfort & decent guitar riffs.

But personally, the vocals on this song are solid & the screams have been perfectly distorted with the guitar tone which makes it even more beautiful & tormenting.

Expecting the same rhythm in the rest of album, i was pushed back to reality with "Jhator"

These guys wasted no time in throwing you out from the drowning sea in front a blood-red sunset crying for mercy.

It’s fast, old school and an instant classic when it comes to the flavor of post-rock.

It sounds more apocalyptic in nature rather than atmospheric but delivers nevertheless.

"Homecoming: Denied!" has an excellent guitar solo which will resonate in the ears for a long time.

As you progress through the rest of the tracks, you will feel a certain level of monotony but there are distinctive symphonies in each which make up for the mediocrity and is a worthy compromise.

The only let down on the whole album was the cover and had more expectations from an album which had such a solid title "Aokigahara (suicide forest or Sea of Trees)"

I still wonder why there have been not enough reviews for this band since they are extremely talented and do what they know best

- Heavy Depressive Atmosphere

- Emotional Kill

- Suicidal lyrics.

Keep it up guys!!! There are a lot of fans out there who are looking for exactly the above elements and you are nailing it.