Friday, August 15, 2014

Harakiri for the Sky - Aokigahara

Destroy! Only death is real

This album has been out for a few months now and i have been listening to it every single day since.

Being a huge fan of the Seppuku band since their inception, this being their sophomore offering, i was looking forward to it.

Having listened to bands like 'Austere' & 'Argypnie' (yes, have picked them specifically), you will realize the perfect blend of both in this album.

Like its being said by all experts, Black & Post Black are meant to be together and this album just warrants it.

Needless to say, the first song on the album "My Bones to the Sea" is monumental.

It’s sad, depressing & suicidal yet extremely soothing to the senses.

It just locks all your memories in a box and drowns them somewhere deep in the sea.

The tempo on this song is somewhat distributed between slow discomfort & decent guitar riffs.

But personally, the vocals on this song are solid & the screams have been perfectly distorted with the guitar tone which makes it even more beautiful & tormenting.

Expecting the same rhythm in the rest of album, i was pushed back to reality with "Jhator"

These guys wasted no time in throwing you out from the drowning sea in front a blood-red sunset crying for mercy.

It’s fast, old school and an instant classic when it comes to the flavor of post-rock.

It sounds more apocalyptic in nature rather than atmospheric but delivers nevertheless.

"Homecoming: Denied!" has an excellent guitar solo which will resonate in the ears for a long time.

As you progress through the rest of the tracks, you will feel a certain level of monotony but there are distinctive symphonies in each which make up for the mediocrity and is a worthy compromise.

The only let down on the whole album was the cover and had more expectations from an album which had such a solid title "Aokigahara (suicide forest or Sea of Trees)"

I still wonder why there have been not enough reviews for this band since they are extremely talented and do what they know best

- Heavy Depressive Atmosphere

- Emotional Kill

- Suicidal lyrics.

Keep it up guys!!! There are a lot of fans out there who are looking for exactly the above elements and you are nailing it.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Frozen Ocean - And Hoarfrost Blooms Henceforth

                                Cold, Depressing & pain exhuming : 80%

Well, Frozen ocean are quite perceivably underrated in the Depressive genre and this is not suprising as they are highly Avante garde material and their one track full length albums and EP's are a testimony to that.
They are poorly publicised as well considering the fact  they dont have an online presence and networking.

Coming back to "And Hoarfrost Blooms Henceforth"  - This album always keeps you on the edge if u leave out the initial melody which by the way is outstanding.  Its starts off in a lone tone which instantly renders you isolated in the middle of nowhere.
But in a few seconds its transports into a fast paced mid-riff classic black metal bass and drums.
The next 20 mins will leave you no space to breathe and although being monotonous at times still manages to impress.
The vocals are precise and suits the mood and ambience of the song.
The constant riffs and percussion (Water cup effect)   gave a feeling of constant pain & depression but gets annoying after a few minutes as it lacks diversity for a 22 min track.

I give this 8/10 as it is not a perfect album but a definitive one and should be given a chance.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Silencer - Death Pierce Me



 This album has it all that's needed to bring a human down.

 i know the mixed reviews about the vocals but instead of going with the standard "growls and screeches" which might turn out to be mediocre in many cases, this artist has blended a masterpiece with his unique shrieks thereby making this album stand out.

The element of ambiance is quite distinctive and at the same time threatening & intimidating as you are always bombed with sudden depression.

Best track : Sterile Nails and Thunderbowels

The tempo of this song is as no other on the album. It feels as if you are on a dark journey with brief moments of introspection and grief. You never want this song to end but it does very abruptly yet beautifully.

Just splendid \m/

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Old Forest - Death in the Cemetary

Band : Old Forest
Album : Into The Old Forest
Song : Death in the Cemetary :
A landscape of tombs,
bearing forests and caves.

Damp is the soil in this silent place,
as I come closer graves appear from the fog.
Black clouds hide away the sun,
the wind sends chill and the moon appears.

Far off, in the distance,
I hear wolves baying.
Creatures of the night,
that smell my blood.

The screaming gets louder,
and I see their eyes.

I run to my grave !!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rhythm Of Pain

Its been a while since it's been here..
Draining all the energy that you gear

It's a sadist act
but you don't know how to react

Day or Night,it's always wide awake
Posing an attitude that no one can fake

Think it will someday retire
But fades away only when time desires

Prolonged vendetta makes us lame
Rhythm of Pain is its name ...........

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Life : living or dead ?

Life seems like a morbid fascination of 
& love.
But do we realize the poignant battle between them.
Family is life
friends are for Life
Work runs our life
And Love makes/ruins it
All these demand expectations but fulfilling them all is something life does not expect from us.
Eventually in this pandemonium,time runs out coz Life itself digs our own graves...
So what life are you living ??